10 Emulators to Transform Your Computer into a Retro Console

Let’s take a look at game emulators. These are programs that run on the PC. The majority of us played with one type of video game or the other. Super Mario, Tetris or Pacman are all part of our childhood. Sometimes, we wish to return to our childhood but these games are difficult to locate.

Another option is to run an emulator for your computer to play these games. There are a variety of emulators for video games that can recreate consoles from the past.

We’ll list 10 emulators that will allow you to play your childhood favorites over and over.

Before we start, it’s important to remember that emulating is legal. However, downloading ROM images from the web (a copy of the image in software) is not legal.

Emulators can play the games you already own. You’ll need to extract the ROM images off the cartridges.

1. RetroArch

RetroArch can run games on almost all retro consoles. On the home console front it will allow you to run Playstation 1 games and older games, and for handheld gaming consoles, it can run Game Boy Advance games and older.

RetroArch is actually made up of cores. Each core emulates a console. GBA will be getting its own core in conjunction with NES. RetroArch will allow you to convert new emulators into cores. Additionally, it is possible to run it with modern consoles.

RetroArch runs on Windows, macOS Linux and mobile devices.

2. OpenEmu

OpenEmu draws inspiration from Retroarch, but it is designed to give you an interface that resembles Mac.by link https://rom-rom-rom.top/ website It has a gallery view similar to iTunes which allows you to manage your games.

The standard download of the software won’t emulate the same number of consoles as Retroarch can however there’s an experimental version that will, note that it might not be as reliable.

OpenEmu is the best option if you have an old Mac and a large number of video games. OpenEmu offers you the chance to organize your games collection through an elegant front-end. OpenEmu also allows you to name your games and access the artwork online.

OpenEmu can be used on macOS.

3. Dolphin

Dolphin is an emulator for the GameCube and Wii. It is currently, Dolphin can emulate a seventh generation console (PS3/XBox 360/Wii), as well as emulate it well. This is due to the internals of the console that are like those of the GameCube. Dolphin has a very high compatibility rate, so it is highly likely that your favorite gaming games will be compatible with it.

The emulator lets you play your GameCube game on a HD-wide screen, even if the device doesn’t support it. The emulator is continuously improved and updated.

Dolphin is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

4. PCSX2

The Playstation 2 is a top-selling console. You can now play its huge backlog with PCSX2!

The one disadvantage is that the emulator needs a fairly powerful computer because of the design of the PS2 internals, but if you’ve got that covered it will run the majority of the games available on the PS2 platform.

PCSX2 is based on a plug-in system. This lets you upgrade your games to HD quality with the correct settings. PCSX2 is a Mac version. Mac version of PCSX2 is still accessible, but it is not updated.

PCSX2 runs on Windows as well as Linux.


Playstation Portable Simulator Suitable For Playing Portably (PPSSPP) is an emulator that is relatively new and has the goal of playing PSP games. It was created by one cofounder of Dolphin. It plays many PSP games, and it is easy to set up.

You can also transfer your PSP files to it, and you can go back to where you were. PPSSPP is being developed with features and fixes regularly added.

PPSSPP is compatible on Windows, macOS and Linux. It can also be used on mobile devices.

If you have any other emulators that should be on this list, let us know in the comments.

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